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You can find everything you need to know about Nibex in the menu above, for any questions do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or discord. The website is constatntly being updated so it is worth it to follow our news and articles.

Nibex details


Rewards split:
Masternodes 80%,
Staking 20%


With reduced rewards we aim to keep the nibex price stable.


Now you can buy and sell on MapleChange. Our goal is to be listed on more exchanges.

 Technical details

Ticker: NBX
Block Time: 120 Seconds
POS Algorithm: X11
MN Collateral: 5000 NBX
1 - 501   1 NBX
502 - 751   20 NBX
752 - 1000   50 NBX
1001 - 200,000   200 NBX
200,001 - >>>   50 NBX
Maximum supply: 90.0 M


Create your own masternodes and be a part of the decentralized system!


Proof-of-Stake just like Proof-of-Work is a mechanism that allows the network to confirm transactions and prevent fraud. However, it does not require any resource intensive calculations to be performed.

 Project documentation

Whitepaper Coming soon
Masternode setup documentation Coming soon
Terms and conditions Coming soon


  • Nibex Birth 2018
  • Nibex Rebirth 2018 august
    New dev team on Nibex!
  • Upgrades 2018 september
    New reward system implementation
  • Whitepaper 2018 october
    Release whitepaper
  • Start new services 2018 november
    Stay tuned!


What is a masternode?

    Nodes are computers that host a full copy of Nibex’s blockchain and help verifying the validity of transactions.

How many coins do i need to create a Masternode?

    5000 NBX

If you have any question feel free to contact us!


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